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RIM Services

Ask Us About Our “Blackout Packages Available” and “Grille & Emblem Customizing”

Wheel Painting

We can change the color of your rims, give them a matte finish, or create a personalized design just for you. As always, our service is guaranteed from application defects ensuring a durable and high-quality finish.

Powder Coating

We offer a wide variety of powder coat finishes ranging from OEM colors to any custom combination you can dream up to make your rims truly unique. Flat / matte finishes, gloss, effect layers and more.

Color Changing

Whether you are ready for a change of color, a tasteful matte finish or hyper silver, we can offer expert consulting and deliver an exceptional product not found anywhere else.


All polished wheels – cloudy, scratched, or oxidized can be restored to a mirror like finish. Wheels can become damaged from acid spray, oxidation, and even brake dust. This damage can produce unattractive wheels.


This Process is completely computerized and it cuts a fine layer of aluminum from the entire face of the rim with exacting precision, producing a perfect finish equal to or better than original factory finishes.


A bent wheel will ruin the smoothness of your ride and lead to uneven tire wear. It can also cause alignment issues and even decrease fuel economy. We can get your wheels looking better than ever in no time.

Crack Repair

The rims are repaired by a welding technique that is used solely for aluminum alloy. It is sometimes necessary to also do a cosmetic repair to the area fixed/worked on.

Caliper/Hub Painting

We can paint your brake parts and provide your ride with a classy, alluring touch of color. Choose an aggressive red, yellow or more unconventional color to add a sophistication and make your wheels really pop. Add a Decal for another special touch and paint the Hubs for that clean, 3 dimensional look.

High Speed Balancing​

High Speed or Road Force Balancing is another service we offer. This 

is the most effective way to diagnose and resolve runout or force variation vibrations.

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